Your Complete Guide to Writing Sales Emails That Work

Your Complete Guide to Writing Sales Emails That Work

how to write sales emails

Workdays are already stressful enough without piling on the repeated grind of reading unwanted emails. Think about this for a second: the average executive gets more than 90 emails every day. Every day! That is a ridiculous amount of email. To make matters worse, they actually have to spend more than two hours daily going through their inboxes. That is a huge amount of time to waste on spam, right?

There is no way that any busy person will have the time or desire to read through that much communication every day. This is why it is up to you – the sender – to make your email worth reading and responding to. Otherwise, they will just skim through your email while muttering, “so what?” Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Successful Email Outreach for Link Building

The Ultimate Guide to Successful Email Outreach for Link Building




So, you finally managed to start a new blog or website. Congratulations! Your content is helpful and informative, and your packaging is excellent too. But, you are not seeing the growth in traffic or subscribers that you expected. This should be easy enough to fix, according to all the advice columns that are currently available on the Internet. But the truth is that, if you want to see measurable and substantial changes in your page numbers, an effective email outreach strategy is the way to go.

Using email outreach as part of your SEO strategy is not about just sending mass emails to all your contacts or the creators within your niche. If you have been using a generic outreach template, then you are dancing on the fine edge between link building and spamming. There is a more effective way to craft great messages that get people interested in your content, make a connection, and get those oh-so-important back links without being annoying or disrespectful. And, this article will show you how. Read more

7 eCommerce Mistakes Small Businesses Make With Solutions

Starting your own eCommerce site is tricky. Even if you know how to design it or how to promote the products, there’s always something you can oversee.

Ideally you should be able to use different channels to reach your audience and have a tight scope of your product offer, but that’s not how great number of businesses think at the beginning.

To avoid going in a different direction, here are some of the biggest eCommerce mistakes small eCommerce businesses make at the very beginning of their existence. Read more

5 Free Shopify Apps That Work Great Together With Your Pricing Strategy

Deciding to join Shopify was a smart choice. It’s easy to set up your online store and the platform you use will never let you down. You don’t need to worry about the hosting of your site, how to decrease the loading time of your page, what software to use to publish your products, and many other things self-hosted eCommerce stores do on daily basis.

Shopify has grown to over 50 thousand users since its inception. Some of these people added Shopify to their already existing online communication channels and some of them decided to build their online store using Shopify from the very beginning. Read more

5 Benefits of Using Price Management Software

When using Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets to as your price management software, you’re automatically giving up on the opportunity to increase your conversion rates thanks to automatic updates of your pricing strategy.

If you still pondering on what pricing strategy to apply to your work, check out some of the best models for eCommerce businesses explained in depth on our blog.

It’s quite possible that you already have a spreadsheet filled with formulas with info gathered from your enterprise resource planning software or if you’re a smaller company you’ve done that manually. You’re crunching those numbers on daily basis just to hold a grip of how the change in prices you implemented last month has affected your sales.  Read more

Pros and Cons of Using Low Price Strategy in eCommerce

If you’re a small eCommerce business, you may find it challenging to pick the right pricing strategy for your offer. Low price strategy sounds luring for sure, especially when you don’t have a unique product, but let’s see what are the pros and cons of this model.

Before we go in depth on how good or bad low pricing is, let’s cover the five steps you need to undertake so you can get a better picture of what works for you. Read more

5 Marketing Pricing Strategies That Work for eCommerce Startups

One of the biggest problems small eCommerce businesses in America face is setting up the right marketing pricing strategies for their offer. That’s also one of the main reasons why these companies aren’t maximizing their profits, leaving some of them with less than twenty-five thousand US dollars in annual revenue.

Knowing the complexity of the process of price determination, this isn’t a huge surprise. Having in mind that you need to think about:

  • Production and distribution costs;
  • Competitor offers;
  • The spending range of your perfect buyer’s persona;
  • Your position on the market;

… among other things, it may seem impossible to pick the perfect marketing pricing strategy for your product. Read more