Use Cold Email to Land Great Partnerships for your Brand

Sending out an effective cold email for partnership can be a long and involving process. There are a lot of tips and tricks to remember. On one hand, it is good news for you that all this helpful information exists. But on the other, some salespeople and marketers – especially beginners – may not know where to start.

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That said, this is an easy problem to solve. You may just need a little help to tie all this information together to craft the perfect cold email pitch. Here are some cold email formulas (with examples!) that can help you get prospects to open and respond to your cold email for partnership.

Use Cold Email to Land Great Partnerships for your Brand

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What is a Partnership Email?

The main goal for any marketer or salesperson is brand growth. This mainly involves reaching out to more people in often new or unfamiliar industries or niches. You could go the traditional route and turn to common marketing tactics like social media, advertising, and special events among others.

But there is another tool that is quickly gaining popularity. That is the partnership email.

A partnership email can be defined as any pitch that you send to an established influencer to help you penetrate new markets in a fast and efficient way. The whole point of such a partnership is to help your brand gain credibility from the get-go and score introductions that you could not easily get on your own.

Popular targets of such a partnership email include people who already have an influence in the niche you want to penetrate. Your company or brand will benefit from the influencer’s good reputation and contacts within the target community.

With a single endorsement, these partnerships can open up doors to lots of new customers. An effective partnership email will allow you to grow your company or brand faster in any new market than if you do it on your own.

Effective Business Partnership Email Strategy

Learning how to write an effective business partnership email sample is one of the most valuable skills any marketer can get. Creating partnerships with new but influential people can open doors that most people can’t even dream about.

But the problem is that most people don’t know how to do it right. If you want to drive up your open and response rates, using a partnership email sample is a great first step. But how do you know if you’re using the right one?

Here is an in-depth business partnership email strategy that will help you create the perfect cold email pitch:

1. Define your target clients

Before doing anything else, you must first define your target client. Who are you trying to attract? This is an important step because it will define who you will reach out to form a partnership with.

2. Find the right partners

Then, do your research to find the right partners. Focus on influencers, forums, or companies that already have an established relationship with your target clients. You will need to look out for the right influencers within that industry.

An easy way to do this is by focusing on products or services that are related to your own. For instance, a landscaping business can think about partnering with home builders or interior decorators. If a potential client has already spent money to build a new home, they will likely be interested in landscaping too.

But this is only an example! Any brand can find others in a similar or related field to partner with.

3. What will motivate them to work with you?

After choosing your preferred clients, you must come up with an offer that you believe these influencers will be interested in. This will become the value proposition of your business partnership email template.

Asking influencers to help you get in front of their audience should not be a one-way deal. You have to offer something substantive in return. The motive could be as simple as financial gain. In that case, you could work out a profit-sharing agreement that works for both parties. This approach generally works best if you are thinking of collaborating with another business.

But when it comes to influencers, the situation is a little different. Their main motivation is usually offering value to their audience. They want to put up the newest products and services – or the latest tech – that will help make life easier for their audience.

That said, here’s the bottom line: potential partners will only help you out if the incentive is strong enough. It is important to keep all these factors in mind as you craft your partnership letter template.

4. Reach out

Most of your effort should go into reaching out to these influencers. That is because your approach could make or break the whole deal.

To start off, use RooJet to find their email address. It is also a good idea to go with a tried-and-tested partnership letter template to reach out to influencers. Here’s how it can look like:

Hey (Influencer’s name),

Just going through your work on (mention specific topic) and I’m really intrigued by (highlight specific topic/post). I think (specific takeaway).

I know you’re very selective about the partnerships you get into, so I’m reaching out to you about an awesome product that I think would really benefit your audience.

It’s (one- sentence pitch).

We’re looking for a few select partners to (specify your ask). You will get (specific value proposition, e.g. X% of the profits).

If this is something you’d like to be a part of, are you available for a quick 10-minute call on (specific date and time)?


(Your name).

This partnership letter example works because it contains all the elements for success. It shows you took the time to research the influencer, gives a compelling value proposition, and provides a clear call to action. It is also brief and straight to the point, which is always a plus!

5. Create a standardized process

After landing a partner, you will have to come up with a standard process to help the collaboration flow in a steady and predictable way. Here are some common aspects that you need to define:

  • Develop a partnership letter example that the influencer will use to communicate with their subscribers.

  • Define how many messages your partner will send out.

  • Figure out which modes of communication you will use – for example, guest post, sponsored posts, newsletter updates, email, etc.

  • Follow up and track your progress

How to Write an Effective Partnership Email…With Science

Marketers have been using scientific and psychological principles to persuade and influence potential clients for a long time – to great success. Do you want to see the same in your outreach campaign?

Here are four of the most effective cold email formulas to help drive up your open and response rates:

1. The But you are free Approach

This is one of the most effective tools of persuasion out there. Basically, you make your ask to a prospect and go on to say, “but you are free” to do whatever you like.

This approach works more often than not. By giving prospects a legitimate way out, it doubles the chance that they will agree to your request.

2. The Before-After Bridge (BAB) Approach

Start off by describing the prospect’s situation as it is now. What challenges do they face? What are their main pain points?

Next, you go on to describe how their situation would change once the problem is solved. For example, would they have higher sales? Would they be more efficient at work?

Lastly, you close by showing the prospect how they can get to this ideal situation. How will your product or service help them solve their main business challenge?

This approach works because, by highlighting their pain, it drives prospects to respond.

3. The Attention-Interest-Desire-Action (AIDA) Approach

This approach works by first grabbing the prospect’s attention, engaging their interest by making it personal, and building desire for your product or service before asking for a specific response.

If you can successfully pique the reader’s interest, they will respond to you. That is because this gives them a reason to engage further with you. Also, closing with a clear call to action shows the prospect exactly what to do after reading your email. In turn, this move will drive up your response rates.

4. The Star-Chain-Hook Approach

Here, the star refers to your big idea, service, or product. The chain is the facts, reasons, sources, and benefits you use to persuade a prospect. And the hook is your call to action.

To use this formula, just start by using an intriguing opening to grab the prospect’s attention. Using various supporting facts, establish your credibility to the reader. You can also outline the benefits of your service or product at this point.

Lastly, reel in the prospect with a brief, clear call to action. This will make it easier for them to take the next step.

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Partnership Proposal Template for any Scenario

A cold email template can help you run your outreach campaign more efficiently and effectively. Finding the right one could be the secret sauce that drives your outreach to massive success.

Whatever the scenario, pick a partnership proposal template from this list to help you hit the ground running:

1. Corporate Partnership

Use this partnership proposal template when your brand is reaching out to a complementary company to explore a mutually beneficial partnership deal:

Hi (Prospect’s name),

I’m (your name) from (your company/brand name). Our mutual friend (name of mutual contact) told me all about (specific related project) that you just completed in (specific place, if applicable). It’s an amazing project/cause – I (specific takeaway/relevant opinion).

Our organization also (specify your relevant products/services).

Our team consists of some of the brightest minds in (mention industry), offering valuable skills in (name a few relevant skills). Our team has already done awesome work for:

  •    Project details + Relevant competitor
  •    Project details + Relevant competitor
  •    Project details + Relevant competitor

We would be interested in a long-term/short-term partnership with (prospect’s company) to (one-sentence pitch).

If you’re interested, great! Are you available for a quick 10-minute call on (specific date and time) to hammer out the details?


(Your name).

2. Media Partner Proposal

Sometimes, all your brand needs is a little exposure. But we all know how hard it can be to get the media to cover your brand, product, or service!

That said, a well-timed cold email pitch to a strategic media partner could be enough to turn your fortunes. Here is a partnership proposal template that you can use:

Hi (Prospect’s name),

First off, just wanted to let you know that I’ve been a huge fan of (prospect’s company) for a long time. I loved your coverage of the (mention recent popular story). It really made me think about (mention relevant takeaway).

Since I’ve always enjoyed your take on things, I thought you’d be the perfect person to reach out to at (prospect’s company).

I’m the (your post/title) at (your company name). We’ve recently developed (one-sentence pitch). In fact, our clients over at (company 1) and (company 2) have reported an X% (mention specific benefit, e.g. increase in sales) since they started using (your product/service).

We’re growing at a rapid rate (insert relevant statistic), but we’d love to get more coverage in the media. I thought you’d be the perfect media partner for (your company). This could also mean great things for you, specifically:

  •    Benefit 1
  •    Benefit 2
  •    Benefit 3

Are you interested in this? If so, could we schedule a quick 10-minute call on (specific date and time)? In case you have any questions, you could also email me at any time!


(Your name).

3. Strategic Partnership Proposal

You might be looking for a strategic partner for a specific project, such as a one-off giveaway. Such a move could help you increase brand awareness and loyalty for your customers. In this case, collaborating with a big influencer with a large, relevant audience could be the right move for your company.

You can use this partnership letter example to reach out to such strategic partners:

Hi (Influencer’s name),

I’m (your name) with (your company’s name). Just wanted to say that I’m a huge fan of (influencers blog/website). You might have seen me around your forum asking and answering a lot of questions!

I especially loved the discussion around (relevant post, include URL). Congratulations on building such a lively, engaging audience!

(Your company name) is (give a brief description of what your company does). Here’s a link to our site (Include URL).

We’re putting together a (one-sentence pitch), and we’d love for you to be involved.

I think this could be of great value to your audience. It could also help you:

  •    Benefit 1
  •    Benefit 2
  •    Benefit 3

Also, would it be possible for you to promote (the project) to your audience?

In case you have any questions or need any clarification, please don’t hesitate to email me! Either way, I would love to hear from you.


(Your name).

4. Event Partnership

Putting together an event can be a long, tedious and expensive process! But the good news is that you can reach out to other people to help you out. Whether you need another company to pump in sponsorship or an influencer to hype it, here is a sample partnership letter that you can use:

Hey (Influencer’s/Prospect’s name),

I’ve been following your (mention a specific detail about the contact to help you connect). (Mention a specific topic you loved or takeaway).

Because of your interest in (mention specific topic), I thought you’d be interested in being a part of an event my team at (your company name) is putting together. We’re thinking of holding it on (specific date) at (specific location).

As you know, (mention the specific goal of the event). That’s why (One-sentence pitch).

So far, we’ve been able to (mention some aspects of the event that you’ve already handled). We’d love for you to come in and (specific ask).

This could be a great opportunity for (mention their brand/site) and your customers/audience. Specifically, it could help you:

  •    Benefit 1
  •    Benefit 2
  •    Benefit 3

I’d love to know your thoughts on this. Are you available for a quick 10-minute call on (mention specific date and time)? If you have any questions, you can shoot me an email at any time.


(Your name).

5. Marketing Partnership

If you’re looking for ways to market your products to a large number of potential customers, this partnership email template is a great choice for you:

Hey (Influencer’s name),

I’m (your name) from (your company’s name). I’ve been following your (mention influencer’s blog/website) for a while – (mention specific takeaway).

Would you be interested in advertising on (mention influencer’s blog/site)? We (one-sentence pitch).

We don’t get involved in your content in any way! After all, it’s your unique voice that makes it so good.

If you’re interested, can we set up a quick 10-minute call on (mention specific date and time)?


(Your name).

How to Write a Partnership Agreement Letter

Simply put, a partnership agreement letter is an initial bid to form a partnership with an influencer of another business. It usually comes before any written contracts are signed. While the business partnership proposal is not a binding contract or required business document, it can still be useful. That is because it clarifies what a partnership agreement involves so that all parties are on the same page.

A partnership agreement letter is seen as a great way to learn how two parties can do business together. The goal here isn’t to create a binding agreement, but to get collaborators to commit to the proposal. Instead, it is to define key points, clarify the required commitment, and provide safeguards for both parties.

A well-crafted partnership agreement letter should state the following:

  •    The basic scope of the proposed partnership. This includes basic terms, length, and other essential business terms.
  •    The terms that both parties have already agreed to, such as profit shares and other benefits.
  •    Any details that have not been agreed upon and are still under negotiation.
  •    A specific time and date when such negotiations should be finalized, as well as the relevant steps that will be taken if the parties don’t reach an agreement.
  •    A clear statement of intent or desire to create the business partnership. Any additional steps required to solidify the partnership should also be included.

That said, it might be a good idea to have a lawyer look over any business partnership proposal sample before signing it. This will ensure that it will not have any legal risks for you or your potential partners.

In this day and age, these letters are usually sent via email. That means that you can use a business partnership proposal template to make the process more efficient.

Here some examples of a good sample partnership letter to get you started:

Sample partnership letter 1

Hi (Prospect’s/Influencer’s name),

This agreement letter outlines the partnership that we discussed on (mention specific date). I don’t consider these terms and conditions binding, and remain open to negotiation.

Based on our previous conversation, we agreed that:

  •    Point 1
  •    Point 2
  •    Point 3

Did I leave anything out? If so, please shoot me an email and I’ll correct the list.

Also, I propose that we meet again on (specify time and date at least two weeks away) at (specify name of lawyer)’s office to (specify purpose, e.g. sign the final contracts).

We could also meet before then to discuss any points that we still haven’t agreed on. Just let me know your schedule for the next week and I can work around it.


(Your name).

Sample partnership letter 2

Hi (Prospect’s/Influencer’s name),

My team at (your company’s name) has prepared this business partnership proposal for (prospect’s/influencer’s company/website/blog) for our proposed collaboration on (mention specific project).

The objectives of this proposed partnership include the following:

  •    Objective 1
  •    Objective 2
  •    Objective 3

I believe that this partnership will be a good opportunity for you and your team at (prospect’s/influencer’s company/website/blog). In particular, we believe that it will:

  •    Benefit 1
  •    Benefit 2
  •    Benefit 3

I have always been impressed by the work that you do over at (prospect’s/influencer’s company/website/blog). So, I would like to confirm this partnership deal.


(Your name).


When it comes to finding partners for your company or brand, the most important tip is to approach any prospect with patience and humility. Also, avoid making your ask too early in the game. After all, effective cold emailing is all about creating meaningful, long-term relationships with valuable prospects.

Focus on prospects who are willing to give you their time – and don’t waste it when they do!

What tips do you have for writing an effective partnership email? Is there any part of your outreach strategy that is giving you sleepless nights?

Let us know in the comments below!

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