Best Sales Email Templates that Work For 2018

Is it really possible to craft a sales email that is guaranteed to get results every time? Well, some skeptics would probably say a resounding no. But that is only half the truth. While it is possible to craft a cold email template that will drive up your open and response rates, it will not work every single time.

But that has more to do with the very nature of cold emailing. Some people just won’t be willing to take the time to hear from strangers. There’s nothing that you can do about that. On the other hand, you can keep away from the overly ‘salesly’ cold email templates that most people are sending yet prospects seem to hate.

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Changing Cold Email Trends for 2018

Over the past few years, many salespeople and marketers have come to see spammy cold email as the most efficient prospecting method that they have. After all, why spend hours creating hundreds of personalized emails when you could just save time sending the same generic message to more people for the same results?

But that short-term view has done more harm than good. In the quest to hit their sales targets, many have forgotten the importance of building relationships. While metrics and quotas are valuable tools, it still takes amazing relationship skills to build successful businesses.

What does all this mean for you and your business? Well, the first thing to keep in mind for 2018 is that your approach to cold emailing has to change. Today, more and more prospects are ignoring sales emails or sending them straight to spam. Unfortunately, many sales teams have responded by sending more emails.

Needless to say, this approach won’t work in the long term. Just like caller ID destroyed the effectiveness of the cold call, new tech that blocks all unwanted email is bound to come up. So, 2018 is time for your sales team to get back to the basics. And the only way to do this is to make relationships the focus of all your cold email campaigns.

Best Email Templates

Luckily, refocusing your cold emailing efforts is not that hard to do. All you need to do is put in a little extra time, effort, and patience into the process. And the best news? This approach is also incredibly easy to scale.

When you develop solid relationships with a few key prospects, it will compound your cold emailing results. You will see more inbound leads, repeat business, referrals, and incoming calls.

The best email templates make it easier to accomplish all this. They take into account everything that makes basic sales tactics so successful and communicates them with the prospect. The right business email template is the secret sauce for any winning sales campaign.

That said, here are some of the best email templates that will help you build real relationships with prospects and ensure your long-term sales success.

Best Sales Email Template

All sales emails tend to follow a typical and well-known structure. This includes your introduction, pitch, and call to action. But many people lose it in the details, and that’s why their email pitches don’t get results.

The finer points like your email subject line, opening line, ask, and call to action are vital to your success. Paying attention to the nitty-gritty is what will help you craft the best sales email template for your campaign.

To ensure that your email pitch gets a response, the first thing you have to do is warm up cold leads. Since you’re emailing someone who doesn’t know you, it is very rare that they will give in to your ask. And why should they? As far as they know, you’re still a stranger to them.

That’s why it’s important to send one or two emails before making your ask. During this first contact, you have to be helpful or useful in some relevant way to build rapport and start cultivating a relationship with the prospect. That way, they won’t feel too weird about helping you out when you finally make your pitch.

This prospecting email template can be a great choice for the first contact:

Hey (Prospect’s name),

Congratulations on (mention recent success, e.g. promotion, award, a round of funding etc.)!

Over the years, your work in (mention specific industry) has made a huge impact.

I’m excited to see what you will accomplish with the opportunities this new (mention achievement) will bring you!


(Your name).

Short, sweet, and straight to the point. This template is perfect for the first email because it doesn’t require any effort from the prospect. They can simply read your email and bask in the glow of congratulations. And the fact that you – a stranger – took the time to keep up with their career will make you more memorable to them.

This type of email will definitely generate a response. In that case, you can then start banking on the good feelings to show that you can provide value using this second email template example:

Hi (Prospect’s name),

Hope you’re doing great. I’ve just seen your recent (mention relevant recent activity on the prospect’s website, blog, or social channels). Great work! I shared it with a few of my friends and they loved it as much as I do.

Your (post, tweet etc.) inspired me to do a bit of research and I found (mention a related article, statistic or another resource) that I thought might interest you. It covers (highlight important point or takeaway). Here’s the link: [insert URL]

I have quite a few more resources on (mention specific topic). If you’re interested, just let me know and I can shoot them over to you.


(Your name).

With this template, you will hopefully solidify the growing rapport between you and the prospect even more. Then, you can go in for the ask:

Hey (Prospect’s name),

Glad you liked the resources I sent over. I hope that they can make it a little easier to settle into your new (mention recent achievement already highlighted in the first email).

From my research, I see that one of your new tasks as (mention specific role) will be to (mention relevant duty or task). I also discovered that (name of prospect’s company) has (mention specific end goal or challenge).

My company works with (teams, executives etc.) like you to help them (one sentence proposition). By doing this, you will be able to (mention specific benefit).

Would you be interested in a quick 15-minute call to see how we can help you (mention specific end goal)? If so, how does (mention specific date and time) sound)?

If that doesn’t work for you, let me know when you’ll be free and I’ll work around your schedule.


(Your name).

This template works because of two things. First, it addresses the main challenge or pain point that your prospect faces in the course of doing business. Second, it gives a clear call to action that lets the prospect know exactly what to do next. This is important because if your email is vague or unclear in any way, most times prospects will simply ignore it.

Business Email Template

Businesses make their money in one of two ways: by getting new clients or retaining old ones. So any successful venture focuses on constantly doing both to keep their cash flow steady. Business sales templates can easily help you do both easily and efficiently.

These examples will be a great starting point for you:

1. Business Introduction Email Template

Hi (Prospect’s name),

My name is (your name) from (name of your company). I’ve been an avid follower of (name of prospect’s company/website) for a while now and I love your work! I think you’re making an amazing impact in the (mention specific) industry.

That’s why I decided to reach out. (Name of your company) deals with (mention your company’s core role). We help companies like yours (one sentence proposition).

In fact, we’ve worked with (mention two or three of the prospect’s competitors) in the last year. They’ve been able to (mention specific benefit). You can check out some of our most recent projects here: [insert URL]

Our (mention name of your product/service) has been getting loads of attention in the market, and I think it would be a great fit for your (mention specific) team at (name of prospect’s company). Specifically, it could help you:

  •    Benefit 1
  •    Benefit 2
  •    Benefit 3

Are you available for a short 10-minute call on (mention specific date and time) to learn more about (mention your product/service)?


(Your name).

2. Introduction through a Mutual Connection

One of the fastest ways of getting through to a prospect is by using a mutual connection. Ideally, this should be a person that the recipient knows, trusts, or has worked with in the past.

Such a contact can do wonders for your sales email campaign because it gives you built-in credibility and trust right off the bat. This approach will make the prospect notice your email right away. It will also make them more inclined to respond to you.

You can use this email template example to reach out through a mutual connection:

Hi (Prospect’s name)

(Name of mutual contact) suggested that we get in touch. I work with him/her at (name of your company). We help companies like (name of prospect’s company) to (mention your company’s roles).

(Name of mutual contact) thought that there might be a real fit for your (mention specific) team at (name of prospect’s company), and I agree. Our (name of your product/service) has been a huge hit in the market and I believe this could be something that you’d be really interested in. It could help you (one sentence proposition).

In fact, we have helped companies like (mention two or three of the prospect’s competitors) to (mention specific benefits). You can check out some of our past projects here: [insert URL]

Is this something you’d be interested in? If so, let’s schedule a quick 10-minute chat on (mention specific date and time). If that doesn’t work for you, let me know when you’ll be available and I’ll work around your schedule.


(Your name)

3. Email Templates for Business Proposals

If you are looking to drum up more sales for your company, then this email template for business could be the right way to go:

Hi (Prospect’s name),

I hope this email finds you well. I wanted to reach out to (name of prospect’s company) because (highlight how you got their contacts and how you relate to them, e.g. I saw your company online, follow your website/tweets/posts etc.).

(Name of your company) has an awesome new (product/service/platform) that is made for (mention specific) teams like yours. (One sentence pitch). We do this by:

  •    Feature/benefit 1
  •    Feature/benefit 2
  •    Feature/benefit 3

Are you interested in exploring how (name of your product/service/software) can help your business specifically? If so, let’s schedule a quick 10-minute call on (mention specific date and time.


(Your name).

This business email template could also work just as well:

Hi (Prospect’s name),

My name is (your name) and I’m the (your role) at (name of your company).

I wanted to learn how (name of prospect’s company) handles (mention specific function), and show you what our company is working on.

Are you available for a quick 15-minute call on (mention specific date and time)?


(Your name).

If you do your research and are still not sure that you’re contacting the right person, use this template instead:

Hey (Prospect’s name),

My name is (your name) and I’m the (mention your role) at (name of your company). We work with companies like (name of prospect’s company) to (one sentence pitch). By doing this, we have a proven track record of (mention specific benefits).

I might be wrong, but my research shows that you are the right person to contact for this. If so, are you available for a quick 10-minute call to explore if this could be a good fit for (name of prospect’s company)?

But if I’m wrong, could you direct me to the right person to get in touch with at (name of prospect’s company)?


(Your name).

4. Asking for Referrals

Every time you hit a significant milestone or successfully finish a project for any client, you should ask for a referral. This is a good rule of thumb that you should always follow to bring in a steady flow of new clients to your business.

In this case, you can use this referral email template for maximum effect:

Hey (Prospect’s name),

It’s been such a pleasure working with you on this project. I’m glad that you’re happy with the final product.

As you probably know, referrals are a great source of new clients for many companies. Because of this, I thought I’d check in and ask if you could refer me to anyone you know that could use (your company name)’s products/services.

If you do, I would really appreciate an introduction. In fact, I was checking your profile on LinkedIn and notices that you’re connected to (name of the desired contact). It would be awesome if you could recommend our product/service to him/her, and anyone else that you can think of.

To cut down your work, I thought I’d prepare a short introductory email that you could send them:

“Hi, (their name). I want to introduce you to (my name). He/She (mention the work done), and is great to work with. I think you’d benefit a lot from getting in touch with him/her. Here’s his/her contact details: (phone number, email address, and website).

Thanks for your help with this (prospect’s name).


(Your name).

Sale Email Template

Before sending out any sales email templates, there are a few things that you should always keep in mind. Any effective email template for sales must have the following characteristics:

  • It should be targeted to your audience – what works for one group of your prospect segment may not work for another.

  • It should always provide value – highlight your features, advantages, and benefits.

  • It must be short and straight to the point.

  • It should always be personalized for a specific prospect.

  • Each email should have one call-to-action.

Also, it is important to use RooJet to test and track every single sales email. This kind of analysis is the only way to know what is working or not. It will also help you automate your follow up efforts, making the whole process faster and easier.

See the template below:

Hi (Prospect’s name),

I’ve always been a great fan of your work over at (name of prospect’s company). Your approach is so unique that my (mention specific) team at (name of your company) is always taking notes. So far, we’ve been able to (highlight a specific takeaway, lesson learned etc.).

That’s why I wanted to reach out. (Name of your company) has developed a service/product/platform for companies in the (mention specific) industry. We believe that it will help your (mention specific) team at (name of prospect’s company) to (one sentence pitch).

I’m sure that (name of your product/service/platform) will be able to help you (mention a high-level benefit). If you’re interested, are you available for a short 10-minute call on (mention specific date and time)?


(Your name).

Sales Follow Up Email Template

The right follow up email could mean the difference between closing a sale or losing a promising customer. If a prospect hasn’t replied to your emails, they could simply have missed the message or haven’t had time to respond to you yet. Or, they could be testing you to see how committed you are!

The point is, you won’t know for sure if the lack of reply is a hard “no” until you email the prospect again. Whatever the case, these sales follow up email templates will help drive your response rates up dramatically:

1. The First Follow Up

Hi (Prospect’s name),

Just following up on my previous email since I haven’t heard back from you yet. If it makes sense to talk, could you let me know what your calendar looks like? Whenever you’re available, we could schedule a quick call or meeting.

I appreciate your help,

(Your name).

2. After a First Meeting

But if you manage to land a meeting, use this email template to show your appreciation and keep the sales process on track:

I really enjoyed our meeting/phone conversation earlier today. I especially liked learning more about your unique role at (name of prospect’s company).

I understand the challenges you are facing with (mention specific challenges discussed) and the impact they are having on (mention specific impact).

So, as discussed, I’ve attached/linked to the material and resources that can help you better understand how our (mention specific) team at (name of your company) can help you solve (mention your value proposition).

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Otherwise, I’m looking forward to chatting with you again on (mention specific date and time as agreed upon).


(Your name).

3. The Break Up Email

Even after multiple follow ups, some prospects will still fail to respond to your emails. And that’s okay! But it may be time for the “break up” email.

This just shows prospects that you will stop following up for now, but haven’t completely closed the door for future partnerships. As such, it is always important to maintain a professional and friendly tone, without making the prospect feel guilty or harassed.

Hi (Prospect’s name),

I thought I should reach out and follow up on my last emails and voicemail. The team here at (name of your company) is in the process of closing files for this month.

When I haven’t heard back from someone, it usually means that they are either very busy or aren’t interested. If you aren’t interested, can I have your permission to close your file?

But if you’re still interested, what would you recommend as the next step?


(Your name).

The Final Word

If you are facing low open and response rates, think twice before blasting off another 1,000 mass emails to unwilling prospects. Instead, the best move would be to change your approach.

Invest the time and effort that is needed to build genuine relationships with your prospects. These should be based on courtesy, trust, and an actual desire to see the prospect succeed in their business. You will soon find that this investment pays off a hundredfold.